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Union Station Engagement Photography – 1940’s Theme { KRISTEL + JASON }

Kristel and Jason were not in the mood for any old engagement session, they wanted an experience that celebrated Kristel’s appreciation for the 1940’s. So, they rented their costumes from Western Costume and had their hair and makeup done professionally. Allie and I filled in as art department, bringing in some of Allie’s grandfather’s old newspapers and suitcases . This was a dream for us, not only because  it reminded Allie so much of her modeling  days, but that it was a true collaboration between our awesome clients  and us. Thanks Kristel and Jason – we had a blast with you guys!

This blog post was especially challenging as we could have easily added forty more photos…so many great shots to choose from!

A note on vintage photo treatments. Our philosophy is to use this post-production technique sparingly: when the theme or attire of the shoot / wedding is vintage (such as the final two photos below), when the mood of a photo is begging for it (dramatic B&W’s come to mind), or when a client asks for it. We do it well, but not on every photo.

Special thanks to our wedding coordinator Alexandra Rembac of Sterling Engagements and Jeff Cooper of Hollywood Locations – Union Station. Without your help, these photos would not have been possible. (sounds dramatic, but it is true!)

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Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements -

Absolutely stunning! You two are amazing and of course Kristel and Jason probably made it very easy to make the shots look as great as they do! Love it!!!

Kristel & Jason -

Brian and Allie!!!!

You are Ah-MAzing! We love love love our pictures. We had so much fun working with you and appreciate the direction and period inspiration you gave to make this shoot possible.

We really enjoyed ourselves and are so happy that you will document our special day!

Looking forward to seeing the rest and working with you soon!

Thank you Thank you.

Kristel & Jason

samantha steen -

I love them!!! Especially the ones in black and white! So hollywood 😉

samantha steen -

You guys look beautiful, so hollywood glam. My favs are the black and white ones! Can’t wait for the big day!!!! 😉

Dave @ Temple of Groom -

I love these! I sound like a broken record, but I’m so happy you’re our photographers!

Brian -

Dave, we are so happy too! Allie and I were just talking last night about your wedding! It is going to be so fun – we miss you guys!

Missy Lowe -

Gorgeous photos!! The couple looks fantastic! Brian & Allie, you always do such a great job! Can’t wait to work on another wedding with you!!

Teresha Twyman -

OMG!!! I love these… I absolutely love these. Kristel and Jason these are beyond words!!! Kristal I like these they are stunning..I am speechless. Congrats I am soooooooooo happy for you. I look forward to seeing the rest after the big day. The countdown is on!!! Love you,~Tutu

Jeff -

Truly AMAZING you two! Every shoot for you guys tops the last!

daniel -

These pics kick so much serious ass its not even funny.

shelley sisson -

Kristel, You guys look incredible, this is the most unique engagement photo shoot I have seen. Your new career needs to be in modeling!!! Looks like you guys are doing well, we miss ya’ll.

Brandi Nicole -

These pictures are incredible! This couple is GORGEOUS and your work is stunning- I love it!!!

jules -

The couple is absolutely beautiful and what outrageously stunning photography!!

Jenna Noelle -

this post is everything i’ve ever wanted to do in my own work. really inspirational, thanks for posting. you are so awesome!

Kristel -

Beautiful e-session! And I find it very cool that the bride and I have the same name! Not a very common spelling.

Brian -

Jenna, thanks so much for that compliment! If you ever get to Los Angeles, give us a ring!

Picasso Perfect Photography -

I love the themed engagement photos. These are beautiful! You did such a great job with these!! Great feeling for these!

Columbia, South Carolina Wedding Photographers

Poracha -

My sis and brother in-law these are beautiful picture, So fab love um!!!! Love you Fam

Porter Kelly -

GENIUS!  You guys, these are so beautiful and classy and sexy and hip and classic and fun…LOVE.  Love love love.  I want to get engaged just so I can have you do my photos.  :)