The left page below highlights Floral Trends. Lindsay’s bouquet from Martha’s Vineyard illustrates Bright, while Amanda’s bouquet from Laguna Niguel is featured as Sentimental. Amanda’s bouquet had a locket with childhood photos of her and her brother and her grandmother’s rosary wrapped around the stem. (See our photo below, after the feature).

The right page features the trend of Having Fun with Friends. The photo is from Vicki and Juan Pablo’s wedding in Anapoima, Colombia. Juan Pablo and the guests are exploding Party Poppers to start off the Mardi Gras portion of their wedding.

The page below talks about the trend of Couture Cakes. Stephan and Amanda’s cake is the Natural Look. The decadent wedding cake was the first of its kind, created by Linda Geffenney of The Confectionist. Christened Le Gateau Lavende, the French butter cake was filled with lavender whipped cream and fresh blackberries, and decorated with silver sugar pearls and a chocolate branch design. Topping the cake were branches, both chocolate and real, which were decorate with live cymbidium orchids in purple and green. Their amazing planner, Alexandra Rembac of Sterling Engagements, has this to add: The cake was extraordinary, everyone was raving about it.  A lavender cake is so different and the unique flavors combined with the tart yet sweet blackberries was delicious…  The birch branches were added in because there was a significant amount of birch included in her design.  Seven Degrees had birch trees along so many areas and it seemed like a natural fit to be able to compliment the cake with incorporating birch in the design.

Here are the original photos so you can see the detail much better: