Congratulations to Allison for winning her first Fearless Photographer’s Award! Her winning image of Deepi from her traditional Sikh wedding was one of only 263 images picked from over 5000 entries from all over the world. Be sure to check out all of the absolutely amazing images at the Fearless Photographer website. You will be floored!

Fearless Photographers is a website directory of the world’s boldest photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of wedding photography. The amazing thing about the website is that the photographers are ranked by how many Fearless awards they have won, rather than how much they pay. The directory is open to all photographers and is non-discriminatory. The idea is that the world’s best photographers will be ranked towards the top based on artistic and creative merit and technical skill. It is really neat, be sure to check out the site and surf around – you will be blown away by the amazing imagery. Again, I predict that this may be the best website for finding an amazing photography very soon.

Allison Callaway is a Fearless Photographer Winner