Callaway Gable

Brian Callaway

Top Ten Fearless Photographer in 2015, Brian Callaway is an owner of Callaway Gable and one of Los Angeles and the world's best wedding photographers.

Most recently named a prestigious Top Ten Fearless Photographer, Brian consistently places at the top of the wedding world’s most competitive contests from Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, MyWed, SLR Lounge and more. His work has appeared in National Geographic, People, US Weekly, Inside Weddings, Architectural Digest, Brides, Town & Country and Flaunt Magazine.




Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the tears on our client's faces when they see their wedding photos and relive their day
Brian in action as a wedding photographer

With Allison, Brian is one of the wedding’s industry’s leading educators with multiple speaking engagements and workshops annually. From India to Peru to Spain and beyond, every year he goes somewhere new to inspire and teach the art and profession of wedding photography. Check out the Callaway Gable teaching website.

Giving back with photography is also important so every year Brian finds a project. Favorite past projects include photography for Aravind Eye Hospital in India and a book on Dutch World War II survivors who emigrated to the United States entitled Verlaten Verleden. Subjects included Auschwitz survivors, a bridge over the river Kwai combatant , and Jack and Ina Polak whose lives were documented in the movie Steal a Pencil for Me. You can see more of his work on his commercial website: Brian Callaway.

In his past life, Brian appeared in Seinfeld, Bernie Mac, What Women Want, on stage at the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago and in over 30 national commercials, including two that were rated funniest of the Super Bowl. To this day, he still receives residual checks that are often made out for just a few cents!