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Creative Wedding Portraits

As some of the most awarded wedding photographers in the world, we often hear this about our wedding portraits: "Your wedding photos look different, more creative than other wedding pictures. They make you feel something. Everyone looks connected, lost in the moment and unaware of the camera. They look beautiful."  It's true. They do. It’s no accident. We want to capture you looking your best on the most important day of your life in a way that feels effortless and connected. How do we do this? It's partly skill: understanding light, composition, bone structure and more. Most importantly though, it comes from truly connecting with you. Understanding you and your families, and taking the time to confidently create an environment of levity and trust. We also understand how uncomfortable most people are having their photo taken. So, we make this experience as comfortable and fun as possible - giving your precise direction and then allowing you to be yourselves.

Wedding Portraits Gallery

While looking through this gallery of wedding portraits, keep in mind that location is crucial. Every Callaway Gable Wedding Collection comes with a Location Scout so that we can find the best light and environment for the best wedding photographs. While we are a Los Angeles based wedding team, many of these photographs come from all over the world. We travel for most of our work and encourage you to inquire no matter where you are located. Please contact us for availability.

Wedding Portrait testimonial


Rose McGowan

“I've worked with the top photographers in the world and the photographs Callaway Gable produced for us can hold up with the top.

My wedding book and photos are pure art. Brian and Allison are true artists. I'm grateful they were the ones to document our love on our very special day. They captured our spirit as well as our faces. I'm indebted.

-Rose McGowan