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Why do we love being a same sex wedding photographer? Because Love wins! It always does! As Californians we were overjoyed when Proposition 8 was ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in June of 2013. Soon after, we began photographing Los Angeles gay weddings. We would be hard pressed to find another type of wedding with so many tears and so much emotion. Our couples have been waiting for their wedding day for a long time!! Same sex marriage couples often have amazing love stories. We want to hear it all because it leads to more connected wedding photography experience. No matter where you are located, we strongly encourage you to check our availability and tell us your story. It’s very important to us to understand your love, the ups and downs and how you came to being married. To date, we have photographed gay weddings in Los Angeles, Mexico, Hawaii and beyond.

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“Incomparable. Allison was our lead photographer, and walked two very photo shy individuals through the process. She and her second photographer made the experience comfortable, fun, and exciting which made both of us even more daring in the process. Our guests were also very comfortable with them, even getting a smile out of my dad which never happens. Allison lay on the ground and went knee deep in water to frame her shots. She dealt with three costume changes and a variety of lighting conditions. She was so dedicated to capturing these once in a lifetime moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had an amazing wedding day made even better with having made your acquaintance!” -Review from Wedding Wire

Human Rights Campaign

For the last several years we have supported the Human Rights Campaign with donations at their annual gala. For more information, head over to the HRC website.