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Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about Los Angeles wedding photographer Callaway Gable.



I have no words to express how much my husband and I adore Callaway Gable. Well, almossssssssst no words. We hired Brian and Allie to shoot our big fat week-long Indian wedding after researching, and interviewing, and debating (and researching again), what felt like every wedding photographer in California) From the moment we met them, we knew we had to have them shoot our wedding. They are so easy to get along with that our initial meeting felt like we were just catching up with friends over coffee. After our engagement session we knew we had made a fantastic decision. Brian’s amazing sense of humor, and Allie’s posing skills, made all the engagement pictures look natural but glamorous at the same time. We used our engagement session pictures for our guest book, and all our guests were in awe with the caliber of the photography.

With over 400 people at 5 major events spanning the course of one week, our Sikh Indian wedding was not an easy task to capture. Brian and Allie photographed all of our events and moments so gracefully that by the end of the week, they were just part of the family. And, the results are STUNNING. Every single image is art. They captured every moment and detail of our traditions, ceremony and culture so well that they must have some Indian blood in there. Thank you sooo much Callaway Gable for your incredible personalities and unparalleled talent.



With planning on the horizon my (now) wife and I sat down and figured out what the single most important thing about our wedding was going to be.  Without hesitation both of us said the photography.  Our expectations of any thought about photography were far exceeded with Brian and Allie.  Their talent goes far beyond words and their passion for the work they do is astonishing.  They took our engagement photos in downtown LA and we still have people talking about it.  They have such an ease about instantly making you feel comfortable and guiding you on angles and body position (which our double chins were very grateful for).  I could not recommend the Callaways any more highly. Unfortunately the day will come and go, but a picture lasts forever so why not make it the best one possible? It says so much about these two that our family and friends can not stop talking about what amazing people they both are.  If they didn't have cameras in their hands there would be no doubt in my mind everyone would have thought they were our long time friends.  They definitely made our whole wedding year way more fun and exciting than we ever could imagine, and now we have gained two friends along with the most incredible pictures of ourselves!



Callaway Gable is better at photography than you are at ANYTHING.  

When my wife started looking at potential photographers for our wedding, she immediately decided that we had to go with Allison and Brian. She showed me pictures they had taken from previous weddings and compared them to shots from other very reputable photographers.  And while I hate admitting that my wife is right, she was COMPLETELY spot-on.  There really is no comparison between Callaway Gable and other photographers.  They are far and away the best out there. 

Going into our first meeting with Brian and Allison, I was a little worried that they might be pretentious or pushy since they obviously had to be aware that their work was better than everyone else's.  Thankfully, they were the complete opposite.  Brian and Allison are basically the two coolest people alive (trust me, you will like them better than your own friends and family).  

Their easygoing attitudes and genuinely friendly demeanors literally translate into better pictures.  I was amazed at how they were able to control our familes, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and friends on the day of our wedding to ensure that we stayed on schedule and got all the pictures we wanted, while still keeping everyone at ease.  They also know how to pick out the BEST spots at your venue for pics--they somehow sweet-talked the manager of our venue into allowing us to take pictures inside the theater where they have NEVER let anyone take photos before! 

We are not easily impressed (we despise most people), but we were FLOORED by how beautiful our wedding pictures were when we receive them.  I was out of town on a business trip when we got the notification, but I watched our slideshow at least three times a day with my colleagues.  Choosing Brian and Allison as our photographers was easily the best wedding decision we made. 

Thank you again for providing us with such wonderful memories and making me look more attractive than I am! 



I've worked with the top photographers in the world and the photographs Callaway Gable produced for us can hold up with the top.  

My wedding book and photos are pure art. Brian and Alllison are true artists. I'm grateful they were the ones to document our love on our very special day. They captured our spirit as well as our faces. I'm indebted. 

-Rose McGowan 



I have been an artist my entire life, always analyzing and observing beautiful things around me. I have grown to be so picky searching for perfection that rarely can I whole heartedly say that I have encountered utter brilliance. All I can say today is that Allison and Brian are UTTER BRILLIANCE! They see things that the average eye does not catch. Their technique is clean, saturated, high-end, and modernly timeless. Any anxiety I ever had about having my picture taken went out the door the first five minutes with these two. Their dynamic is simply fascinating to watch. They bounce ideas off one another and just make the whole session flow seamlessly. If we thought we were in awe of Allison and Brian after the shoot, we had another thing coming when we saw our photo gallery. I don't think we will ever be satisfied with anyone else every taking our photos or capturing our most precious moments in life. Simply put; Allison and Brian are incredible people with an incredible talent, and sure enough, everything they touch turns to gold. 



Although an ocean separated our engagement shoot from our wedding, Brian and Allie were right at home from the moment they stepped off the plane. Hawaii has beauty aplenty, yet the eyes of the Callaways transcended the pale blue ocean, the swaying palm trees, and the potpourri of flowers which populated the mountainside. In short, the aperture of their cameras captured the main event, not the fillers. As if they spent a decade shooting on Maui, Allie and Brian were able to incorporate the natural beauty of the island by focusing on the guests, the ceremony, and festivities.  

Our praise of their photography is just that, but the result speaks for itself. Since our wedding, we have seen the Callaways at work nearly a dozen times. Not only are we happy to have referred them to anyone who would listen, but most impressive is that most of the time, we didn’t need to say a word. One look at our wedding album, and our friends, family and acquaintances alike were sold on the spot. Allie and Brian have a way of transforming the stillness into life and life to art. They turn grey to color, and when appropriate, color to grey. Simply put, they have an eye for detail that is unparalleled. In an evening that is filled with uncertainty, you can always have confidence in the Callaways. 

As if their raw pictures were not impressive enough, Allie and Brian do not stop there. They strive towards excellence, spending endless hours retouching and adjusting colors, transcending purity and perfection in the ultimate result. In short, their photography is their obsession for which there is no limit or bound. For a first class experience, void of the unexpected and filled with artistic memories at their best, count on the Callaways and you will never go wrong. We do and always will put our name behind them. 



When my daughter decided to do a destination wedding in Hawaii, we knew the setting would be spectacular. But we didn’t quite know just how breathtaking the photos would turn out. 

My daughter said right from the beginning the most important aspect of her wedding would have to be the photographs, and what we got was completely above our expectations, especially since we hadn’t met the photographers ahead of time and needed to trust the decision was the right one, even though they were located across the country. 

Brian and Allie captured Nikki and Mike’s love and happiness so well. Wow! Gorgeous! 

When I first watched the slideshow that the photographers prepared, I cried. They were the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. I was able to share them with friends and family and their reactions were priceless. They were absolutely amazed! 

Thank you Brian and Allie for creating such awesome mementos of a special day in our lives. I will treasure these photos my entire life. You really are the best photographers in the world! 



There's no doubt in my mind that Allison and Brian of Callaway Gable should be ranked among the elite of destination wedding photographers. Their work is truly stunning, but it does not stop there. Their devotion to the clients' special day is unrivaled. It's as if they are as excited for your wedding as you are. They quickly become friends and confidants. At the end of the day you almost forget that they're your vendor, that is until you see their work - at which point you immediately remember they are geniuses. 

They were so open to suggestions and they were so open to trying new things. It's because of their ambition and creativity that Rebecca and I have gorgeous portraits surrounded by a field of flowers and grass - a location completely unknown to us, yet 5 minutes away from our venue and the beach. Who would have known? The fact that they constantly are thinking of your best interests, and don't just come to your venue and say "this will have to do, it's all that we've got" is priceless.  

Brian and Allison’s pictures are beautiful and artistic and capture the essence of any given moment. They are high fashion without feeling too pretentious. They are photojournalistic but maintain proper composition and style. They are in a class of their own. By looking at any of our wedding photographs you're immediately transported back to the day - it attacks all of your senses. You instantly remember the way things smelled, tasted, looked, and felt emotionally.  

I honestly believe I've never looked better in my life. Allie's wealth of modeling knowledge coupled with Brian's creativity and unparalleled eye compliment one another flawlessly.  

We received our wedding album from Callaway Gable a few months ago. It's incredible. The quality of the book accompanied by the obvious hours of photo retouching and layout work sets the album apart from any other I've seen before. As you flip the pages, you realize that each picture is better than the last. It's impossible to pick a favorite.  

I think the best thing a vendor can do for you, aside from delivering a great final product, is making you feel comfortable and completely taking something off your overwhelmingly full plate. That's exactly what these two do. You know that you don't have to worry about photography. They've got you covered. That loss of stress is invaluable. I really can't speak more highly of these two. Constant professionals. Constant artists. Constant friends. They don't know it, but I'm going to give them exclusive rights to photograph my family for years and years to come.