Callaway Gable



Retouching your photos is an important finishing touch. This is where we remove distractions, smooth skin, remove blemishes and scars, and nip and tuck. Additionally we add an overall finish to the photo to give it that Callaway Gable look. Make sure you slide the sliders all the way, back and forth, so that you can compare the before and after of each photo. If you do not see the sliders, and you see two of every photo, refresh your browser.

Retouching is included in every album and prints larger than 8”x 10.” Additionally, we offer retouching packages for those Collections without books or prints.

Skin smoothing, nip and tuck, shadow removal

Skin smoothing, distraction on wall removed

Distraction removal, nip and tuck

Multiple photos put composited together. Made the grass green and removed distractions

Skin smoothing, nip and tuck

Distraction removal