Callaway Gable


WPJA Contest Results - 2012 Q1


The WPJA, or Wedding Photojournalist Association, is an international network of vigorously vetted professional photographers whose work is regularly judged by award-winning photojournalists (including many Pulitzer Prize-winners) and news photo editors.  The key with the WPJA is that the work is purely photojournalism, that is, no posing, or photoshopping - just real moments straight our of the camera. We were beyond excited when we were accepted into the WPJA earlier this year. This was the third time we applied for membership, and it required an overhaul of our website in which we added much more real moment content (Moments, What Makes Us Laugh, etc). At the beginning of the year, we entered a few images in their 2012 Quarter 1 Contest, and we are beyond amazed that an image from Stephanie and Sam's wedding placed in the Emotion Category. See the winning image below, and click on the picture to see all of the winning photos.

WPJA 2012 Q1 Contest Results