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Breakers Palm Beach Indian Wedding - Part One

Breakers Palm Beach Indian Wedding

1 S County Rd,
Palm Beach, FL 33480
(561) 655-6611

This is a wedding story in two parts. Varsha is South Asian and Michael is Jewish. They both have huge families and there was no way they were going to try to pick one ceremony or culture over the other, or try to fuse their cultures into one. Instead, they celebrated both of their cultures with two complete wedding ceremonies. Part One started early Saturday morning with their Breakers Palm Beach Indian wedding. Part Two began in the afternoon with their Jewish wedding ceremony and reception. There is so much content from all of the events, that we have broken this into two blog posts. Part One - The Hindu Indian Wedding, is here. Soon we will post Part Two - The Jewish Wedding.

Special thanks to Guerdy and her team from Ocean Flowers and Events, and to Salvatore and Mark and their entire staff at the Breakers - the best in the business. Most importantly, thank you  to Varsha and Michael for flying us across the country to be with you guys for your incredible wedding celebration!

Check out their Breakers wedding on the Breakers Wedding blog:

wedding video by senderey Video Productions