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Vibiana Wedding Photographs


214 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012


VENUE: Vibiana
FILM / VIDEO: White Rose Productions

Vibiana continues to be one of our favorite Los Angeles wedding venues. The building itself, and the architecture are always inspirational. Over the years, we have never seemed to photograph it the same way. We seem to find a new angle or area of light that we hadn’t noticed before. This means that every wedding we photograph at Vibiana looks different and has its own personality – just like our clients. Our favorite areas are the front doors, choir area, gold apse and the surrounding neighborhood. We also love the Cardinal’s Room and the Bishop’s Perch. The Cardinal’s room is generally where a bride will get ready. Painted in teal, this is beautiful backdrop for a bride’s white dress and colorful bridesmaid dresses. In the back there is a clean white wall room which is perfect for soft pretty photos. Down the hall is the Bishop’s Perch. This room is smaller, and is painted in a grey-blue tone. Generally the men get ready in this room. This color perfectly matches a more masculine tone. The Vibiana wedding photographs below are from Forough and Alan’s wedding. We were able to use all of these places for their portraits. Again, I don’t think we have ever photographed a wedding that looks like this. This is why Vibiana is such a special LA venue for your wedding.

Forough and Alan’s wedding was a Persian celebration. Their were married in front of the traditional sofreh. Going back thousands of years in Persian culture the sofreh is filled with symbolic fruits, nuts, candies, flowers, designs etc that all have important marital meaning. Later in the evening, they celebrated the Cake Knife Dance. This is where a friend takes the cake knife and dances, while the groom offers money. She will pass the knife off to other dancers, until there is enough money to get the knife back. Finally, the wedding ended with the Rose Petal Dance. We always recommend this because it makes amazing photos. Everyone surrounds the bride and groom and showers them with thousands of rose petals as they dance and kiss.

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